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Dan Brown's novels are filled with intriguing plots, interesting characters, and explore different countries. Some characters seem irrelevant, or they are just there to add to the story. However, some may actually be important. Characters that seem to be normal are actually significant, complex, and are sometimes evil. Angels & Demons starts off in Robert Langdon's home, in Massachusetts, in present day time. Langdon is asked by Maximilian Kohler to come to CERN, a nuclear research facility, in Geneva, Switzerland, to view the body of Leonardo Vetra who has been branded with the word, Illuminati. The Illuminati is an ancient brotherhood that is devoted to science and that has been at odds with the church since history began. The church …show more content…
Langdon and Vittoria meet Commander Olivetti, the head of the Swiss Guard in Vatican City who takes them to talk to the late Pope's chamberlain, il Camerlengo, named Carlo Ventresca. The Hassassin calls him saying he has kidnapped the four chosen cardinals, one whom is most likely to be the next Pope and that he is going to kill them in public and brand them each with a marker of each of the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water, just like the church did to the four Illuminati members. By looking through old Vatican documents, and by using their knowledge of Vatican City churches, sculptures, and surrounding areas, Langdon and Vittoria discover the Church of Illumination, fail to save the four cardinals, and manage to interrogate the Hassassin until he dies from falling off a building. The media is tipped, and reveals, that the Pope was murdered by the Illuminati by an overdose of the Pope's medication, Heparin. Only Ventresca knew that the Pope took medication. The claim is confirmed by Vittoria by exhuming the Pope. Ventresca is to be killed by Janus, the man behind the Illuminati plot, for being a “light” in the past few dark hours. Kohler is highly suspected to be Janus, and he is killed by Swiss Guards for trying to kill Ventresca. Ventresca finds the antimatter and has it explode over Vatican City, thus saving everyone. Langdon has a video camera from Kohler that says that Ventresca is Janus and is behind

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