Essay on Daddy's Little Girl

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Dr. Haim Ginott, a renowned Psychologist, mentor and a teacher once remarked, “Children are like wet cement; whatever falls on them makes an impression.” Thus, the effects of absent fathers on children may in fact, shape their perception of the world around them. Even though developing a stronger relationship with one parent is an effect of absenteeism fathers, it also comes with the challenges of engaging in early sexual activities, diminished cognitive development and poor school performance, which are effects exhibited by many daughters.
Truant fathers are defined as those who do not converse with their children on a regular basis and therefore do not play a momentous role in their development. Absenteeism of fathers are resulted from
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On the whole, engagement in early sexual activities is generally an effect that adolescent daughters go through because of truant fathers. This can be proven, since many studies have identified the absence of a biological father from the home as a major risk for early sexual activity, (Ellis, Bates, Dodge, Fergusson et al, 2003). This is a result since teenage daughters are often desperate for male attention so that they can fill the gap of their absent fathers by receiving ‘love’ from males. By doing this the daughters generally have problems forming lasting relationships.
Naturally, having short relationships with men after being sexually active will lead to more than one partners since the adolescent daughter’s are searching for that love which a male can give. “In the United States approximately 10% of girls between age fifteen to nineteen (15-19) years becomes pregnant each year,”(Ellis, Bates, Dodge, Fergusson et al, 2003). Hence, early sexual activity generally leads to teenage pregnancy. It is therefore important for fathers to engage in their adolescent daughter’s life so that she does not have desperation in trying to find suitable males who will express their love so that the daughter may fill the void that she has for her missing father
Likewise, diminished cognitive development is another effect of daughters with absent fathers. According to Krohn & Bogan (2001, Dec), Service Professors, “A

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