D. H. Lawrence (Snake, Tortoise Shout, Humming-Bird) Essay

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D. H. LAWRENCE (1885 – 1930)

Hardy and Yeats belong to the upper classes; however, D. H. Lawrence is a working class poet and novelist. Both Hardy and D.H. Lawrence write outstanding novels and they are famous in both of the literary forms. Hardy depicts nature in terms of pessimism like William Butler Yeats and D.H. Lawrence portrays pessimism through the sexuality that stands for the blood for himself. In Freudian psychology, the snake symbolizes the male sexual power. However, in D.H. Lawrence’s poem entitled “Snake”, the animal stands for the innate glory of wild beings and the vulgarity as a whole and the pettiness of the human beings is narrated. Secondly the snake in the poem stands for traditional values and it also symbolizes
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Ninth Section:

In this section, the poet points out that the snake again symbolizes the God as the king of Christianity, but he is a king in exile, meaning people are afraid of this snake and they want to be far away from this animal. Symbolically D. H. Lawrence points out the corruption in religion. Beforehand, Christianity had a crown, but now one cannot see this crown in anyway and people are seem in pettiness. The last line of the poem indicates that Tormina is a village in Sicily and it is the closest place to the volcano. Volcano Etna harmed the human beings and the arable lands and the Christian people harmed themselves through neglecting the important verdicts of Christianity. This was a time when corruption was seen in religion in Europe and Asia.


First Section:

The nature of sexual energy through the shapes of animals, namely the tortoise is narrated. Male and female tortoises are in courtship. In this section, the tortoise is said to be dumb. In Thomas Hardy’s poem entitled “Last Words to a Dumb Friend”, the cat is also dumb; because of the gun shock, especially small animals suffered from the sound of war and they turned out to be dumb. D. H. Lawrence points out that the animal is crying like a mad man because he will copulate soon. It is also pointed out that the tortoise is very huge.


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