Cyberbullying: Are Parents to Blame? Essay

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According to Ortega et al (2009), bullying is defined as the form of aggression occurring when a person is intimidated, excluded, harassed, or mistreated directly or indirectly. If the victim of bullying is able to defend himself immediately, the negative effects associated with the act are avoided. However, if bullying is extended without offering support or help for the victim, adverse mental effects might be increased. Initially, the major cause of bullying was traditional, in which the victims were attacked directly most preferably by people they knew or by strangers they met. In the modern society, technology has increased daily internet use. This has come up with both positive and negative effects including internet bullying commonly …show more content…
This implies that parents are not aware that their children are either the victims or aggressors of internet bullying. The questions arise on who needs to be blamed. Should parents ignore what their kids do in front of the screens?
As argued by (2011), “Making excuses for your teens tech habits are no longer acceptable, you become an enabler to their new-found addiction”. This is an indication that parents need to closely monitor what their children do with the technology devices. Parents should Google, read magazines, and control what their children do. It is unacceptable that a parent argues that he is not aware of what his child does or why he does certain things. A parent should act as the owner of the computer, as the adult, and as the parent who makes rules, gives consequences, and teaches the child technology manners. Failure to this means that a parent is to blame for what the child does and for the results of his actions. Ignoring the negative effects of technology is also unacceptable for parents. Ignorance is among the major causes of negative effects of social media on children. A parent who buys his 11-year old son an phone to use as an alarm ignores the other uses of that device after 11 pm. Children as young as 6 years are on face book and other social networking devices and these are the worst influence on their lives. Leaving such young children to be exposed to such society evils is the blame of the parents.

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