Customer Relationship Management Essay

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Customer Relationship Management

 Defined as relationship between the customers and the companies.
 Includes capture, storage & analysis of customer, vendor, partner & internal process information.

Three key phases
1. Customer Acquisition : process of attracting customer for their first purchase
2. Customer Retention : customer returns and buys for a second time. This is most likely to be the purchase of a similar product or service, or the next level of product or service
3. Customer Extension : a. Customers return regularly to purchase b. Introduction of products and services to loyal customers that may not wholly relate to the original purchase. c. These are additional, supplementary purchases.
Three contextual
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Incase customer does not want the same, collect the purchase unbilled for from the customer and regret inconvenience caused.
 Misbehavior.
If customer is found misbehaving/drunk/ an aggravated situation is created the Franchisee/CSS should immediately intervene and ensure hat the customer is assisted and later the accident/incident logbook should be updated.
 Approach a customer only if the Franchisee/CSS is completely sure and witness to the customer behavior.
 Customer should never be approached in front of another customer, always escort them to a corner.
 Customer would not be charged for any breakages in house.

 Welcoming the customers
 Looking after customers belongings.
 ACTIVITY DETAILS Offer to look after the customers belongings by safely keeping them at the baggage counter and hand over the token to the customer.
 RULES It is not compulsory for the customers to leave their personal belongings before entering the store but they may wish to use this service.
 If customer has lost his token then ask the customer to write their name and address, ask them to provide information to demonstrate ownership and return the belongings once it has been authenticated.
 If the bag is unclaimed at the end of the day check for address, if no address is available dump perishable items, attach a tag and retain the bag at the customer service desk for 1

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