Cultural Synergy And Leadership Theories Essay

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Jeff Bezos is owner and CEO of, the “Everything Store” of the internet. He was born on January 12, 1964 in Albuquerque, NM. According to Encyclopedia Britannica (2012), in high school, Bezos established a creative center for students to work on projects that will help them develop their careers for the future. Later, he graduated from Princeton University in 1986 with degrees in Electronics and Computer Science. After receiving his degree, eventually, Bezos worked at the New York Investment Bank. In 1990, he became vice president of this company. Because of his leadership, the bank was driven to use the internet for different transactions within the company. Bezos experimented plenty with computer usage within the firm in order …show more content…
Relevant Information on is a website that has ran since 1995. It began as a bookstore, but as it developed, it sold different things. According to an article from Alan Deutschman (2004), Jeff Bezos is the type of leader that likes plenty of change. He made different innovations for his company to sell that, initially, hurt its revenues. However, later, these innovations helped Amazon to grow monetarily. As he was the decision-maker for his mission, vision, changes, and treatment of employees, his company became a success throughout the world. A real entrepreneur is someone who takes risks, and Amazon is the embodiment of an entrepreneur’s mind who jumps on many practical ideas. These ideas were evaluated as simple needs for customers. Although these ideas to gain international suppliers, to create inventions, and to change services in accordance with customer needs were always dynamic, Bezos created many changes to be flexible with attracting new consumers. On top of that, he knew how to continue to establish customer relationships.
Amazon did not just change in the types of merchandise that it sold to others, but it changes drastically with the people that are affiliated, people that work there, and people that look to it for their needs. Jeff Bezos based on order and excellence. This is possibly the reason that it sells everything. would like to help others in a variety of ways.
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