Cultural Issues In Translating Text Essay

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In the "Cultural Implication for Translation" by Kate James, the author describes how translation is an activity which deals with at least two cultures, which makes translators face the problem of how to treat the cultural aspects of a source text and how successfully conveying these aspects in the target text. These problems vary according to how big the difference between the two languages is. Also, the aims of the source text will have implications for translation as well as the readers of both source text and target text.

Culture is important in translation. The difference between cultures may cause more severe complications for the translator than the difference in languages. The translator's role is to translate the source text
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The target text reader is unlikely to have these backgrounds. Certain differences have to be taken into account when using a culturally specific lexis. The translator's major difficulty is the construction of a new ideal reader who will have different textual expectations and cultural knowledge. In this case, the social and cultural aspects remain problematic when considering the cultural implications for translation.

In translation process, the problems when translating the source text can be limited to the understanding of a social, economic, political and cultural context, and connotative aspects of the text. The translator should take into account the extent to which it is necessary for him or her to explain or complete such information gap.

Culture implications for translation may be classed as material culture, and as gestures, habits and other cultural terms. These aspects may be translated in different ways according to their role in the text and the aims for the target text reader. The two orientations in translation, formal or dynamic equivalence, should be considered when analyzing the cultural implications for translation.

To analyze the material culture, the writer gives the example of bouteilles de Sidi Brahim. Having different cultural knowledge, the target text reader would not

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