Cultural Expression of Feelings Essay

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The face is the reserve of emotion. A smile implies happiness, a frown signifies anger or sadness, and a quick rolling of the eyes indicates someone is annoyed. What one is thinking or feeling can be clearly displayed in one’s facial expressions. Paul Ekman decided to study people’s facial expressions, down to the micro expressions that flash across the face and those are what give one away. He developed the facial action coding system (FACS) after many years of researching how people’s facial expressions reveal their inner emotions (Blink 204). He has even worked with Gottman and his “Love Lab” and the FACS has helped him to predict the longevity of certain relationships. While some people believe that their true feelings are not …show more content…
So then he decided to create a system where he explores every facial muscle and every possible combination they could make. Certain combinations of the facial muscles were then classified as to which emotion they express. He then categorized certain facial muscle combinations into Action Units or AUs (Blink, 201). His research has helped Americans to understand other cultures and people better. If Americans can understand why they make the faces they do, and how they express their feeling it can be utilized to keep them safe. Ekman’s research has greatly benefitted society, “he has worked with judges, police, lawyers, the FBI, CIA, ATF, and similar agencies in some friendly countries (Emotions Revealed, 15).” He has been instrumental in distinguishing more accurately whether someone is lying or being truthful. His close work with these agencies has helped Americans to catch fugitives that are toxic to society, by teaching people in these positions to read and understand the face to catch dangerous people in a lie (Emotions Revealed, 15). Contrary to what the Chinese say about facial expressions not being cross cultural (Chinese National Geography). The people who planned the attack on nine eleven they were foreign and since Ekman had researched in all areas of the world the FACS helped to identify the liars in this case, and expose the guilty.

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