Essay on Cultural Disparities and Racial Inequalities

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While watching the videos on the incongruences, I could not help but be a little bit taken aback by the ongoing racial inequalities. Specifically, the ones that exist in our healthcare system. Living as a military wife for so many years I never realized that this was still such a problem. I knew of problems in the past, but I thought we had grown as a nation beyond that. Still, I don’t know what the answer might be, other than maybe ratcheting up the efforts in affirmative action? Not only did the disparity take race into account there was also the matter of economics. I thought it was very interesting that even if all of the variables were taken into account, the individual who is “richer” was better off as far as his life expectancy. The …show more content…
Many times well-meaning family and friends tried to “encourage” me by telling me that I had a pretty face, and if I would just lose weight, I would be okay. To me that made me feel that I wasn’t good enough, and I was. The only, well not the only reason I lost weight was for my health and I wanted to be around when my children had children of their own. This was something I had to realize on my own and all the “advice” I received from others didn’t really help. At the time my family and friends were saying this, I was probably only about 40 lbs overweight. When it was said, it just made me feel as if I was not acceptable. This made me eat even more, and it became a vicious cycle. However, even though my family and friends said those things, I hadn’t realized how much I was treated differently until I experienced life as a “thin” woman. The way I am treated as a thin person in comparison to a heavy woman is much different. I am not saying that it is in any way like that of a person who is of a different race or culture but it gave some idea of how one must feel to be discriminated against. And even though it has been 10 years since I lost the weight I am still paranoid about gaining the weight back and becoming the “fat” lady. To this day I still struggle with the word fat. I find it even hard to type.
Yet, even as I say this I could lose weight and change who I was, but there are things

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