Cryptographys Importance In Go Essay

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Cryptography’s Importance in Government

Cryptography is one of the most influential and important assets pertaining to government today. Cryptography is the mathematical science of preparingcommunication incoherent to parties unintended to receive the message.

A presidential directive at 12:01, on November 4, 1952, established the National Security Agency (NSA) as a separate, secret organized agency within the Department of Defense (DoD) in this directive, President Truman appointed the Secretary of Defense as Executive Agent for the signal intelligence & communications security activities of the government. The Agency received additional duties, which was to provide information systems security (INFOSEC) for national
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Cryptography has ensured national security in the past. The Venona project, undertaken by the Army Signal Intelligence Service in 1943, was fabricated to break, decipher, and read coded messages from the Soviet Union, all in complete secrecy (Radosh, 1995). They were to provide proof of the involvement of the Rosenbergs in a major espionage operation from World War II. From 1947-1952, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were leaders of a spy ring intended to steal plans from the United States atomic arsenal, through the Manhattan project. The KGB received messages from the New York Consulate, and sent encrypted messages there. Most of the messages intercepted contained gaps, incoherence, the authenticity was questionable, there were no sketches, diagrams, or any other proof of the device in question. Despite these discrepancies, the FBI apprehended Rosenberg on behalf of the United States Government, and charged Julius Rosenberg with trying to extract documents related to the United States nuclear arsenal. Later probes showed that Ethel Rosenberg typed Julius’ spy reports, had a KGB code word, and had mention in only two KGB documents Further investigation revealed that the messages passed through a series of contacts, and chemists existed to decipher data. Furthermore, a parallel spy ring was another creation of Julius Rosenberg. He had recruited communists; moreover, they had confirmed KGB infiltration in North

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