Creativity in the Classroom by Ernest Boyer Essay

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The American system of education is considered to be one of the most progressive in the world. One of the surveys on attitudes toward teaching around the world found that the United States is unique in its strong emphasis on "good teaching." My experience at State College has helped me to understand better how this system works, and what methods and techniques American teachers use to motivate their students for creative and active learning. However, I can also see that this system doesn’t work perfectly in every classroom. Reading Ernest Boyer’s article “Creativity in the Classroom” helped me with my understanding of the main problem that nowadays exists with the American college education system. According to the author, the …show more content…
Many international students I know at State College have to attend some classes that they are not interested in, just to maintain their status as a full-time student and their grade point average. Although grades are somewhat important with assessment of what a student has learned from a lesson, they can also be very inaccurate and subjective since each teacher uses different materials and standards for grading. Thus, what one teacher considers an "A" might only earn a "C" for another teacher; one teacher might assign homework each night while another only assigns it once a week. Then there are some students that spend all their time studying and yet achieve low grades, whereas others do not study and secure high grades. Many students feel that when they receive low grades they are stupid, their self-esteem goes down, and they have little confidence in themselves. In nowadays world, where success is everything, the grading system puts enormous pressure on students. Because of this, students are less willing to try new things in fear of getting bad grades, and, consequently, creativity is diminished. Another issue that the author discusses in his article is the deficit of cooperation in many classrooms. As group participation is one of the principal elements of active learning, teachers usually include it in their grading system. In “Creativity in the Classroom”, Boyer talks about the male dominance in group discussions that

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