Creative Industries Professionals Essay

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In today’s society media technologies like to attract people to participate. This attraction comes in the form of a thrill that conveys the idea anyone can become a celebrity. “It allows us to fantasize about gaining status through automatic fame.” (Balkin 2004. 26) This shows the view that all persons have the capacity to be creative. This is an important principle of the Creative Industries. This essay will argue that encouraging audiences and consumers to be creative participants effectively increases competition for Creative Industries professionals, reducing demand for their services. The essay will demonstrate this through 3 topics of discussion. Background of Reality TV and how it encourages average participants to be creative, …show more content…
Reality TV can place real people in artificial surroundings designed for maximum emotional impact.” Audiences cannot get enough of humiliation, competition, temptation and drama of other regular people like themselves that are put through these TV shows. “Reality TV provides a multilayered viewing experience that hinges on culturally and a politically complex notion of what is real and what is not.” (Murray and Ouellette 2009. 8) As the media is becoming more interactive with society “more and more programs rely on willingness of ‘ordinary people’ to live their lives in front of television cameras. We are encouraged to participate in self-surveillance” (Murray and Ouellette 2004. 9). Shows such as Dancing with the Stars, American’s Best Dance Crew and Australia’s Got Talent all have the global effect of being successful which is lead by these people in day-to-day ‘self-surveillance’. These shows are categorized to distinguish the type of reality TV it is. Categories such as, Documentary style, Competition/ Game shows, Self improvement/make over, Social experiment, Dating shows, Talk shows and Hidden cameras “have pushed television culture – and television studies in new directions” (Murray and Ouellette 2004. 8). Recently we have seen the growing number of opportunities in which dancers can become creative. This is to attract the modern dancer to participate, which illustrates the ‘new direction’. And, because of

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