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Creation in School

     The debate of Creation versus Evolution. This has been a very heated debate since Darwin published Origins of Species in 1859. The reason for this debate comes from the contradicting ideas that this book has with the theory of Creation set forth in the Bible. Due to the fact that is extremely hard to prove what created the earth, people have wrestled between these ideas for the last one hundred and forty years. When Evolution was first introduced it was widely rejected because it went against what people were brought up to believe. Evolution has so far stood the test of time and has become more widely accepted, to the point to which it is taught in our schools. Where Evolution has found
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Besides teaching morals and way to live understanding religions also help to expand the mind. This is supported by the work of Paul Van Buren, who considers religion to be the edges of language. By teaching kids these vast ideas of language it could broaden their minds and expand their understanding of language and where we live. By pushing the kids to the edges of language everything encompassed in that may become a little easier. It is like when I was kicking field goals for the football team. I would go out the sixty-yard line and kick some. After that everything inside of that seemed easier. To add on to this Ludwig Wittgenstein states that language forms what we can think. What we can say limits what can be thought. By opening up these doors of thinking, our children could learn more on think more. This is kind of like giving them more tools to use. Does all this mean religion should be taught in school. The question we are dealing with is whether the Creation aspect of Christianity should be taught in school along with evolution. I feel that Creation could not be taught along with Evolution in a single class. This is because Creation is not based on science. If Creation were taught it would have to be in separate religion class along with other religious theories on the origin of the earth. You would need to do it this because you would be favoring Christianity if you only taught Creation and many people would have a problem with this.

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