Creating Energy from Deuterium - Tritium Fusion Essay

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Deuterium-Tritium Fusion

The energy crisis is upon us. Fossil fuels are expected to be totally depleted within the next ten to fifty years. We need an energy source that can consistently output lots of energy and be easily operated. Deuterium-Tritium fusion appears to be the best and most effective way to produce energy. By fusing the two isotopes of Hydrogen in to the heavier element Helium large quantities of energy are released. D-T fusion is the safest form of fusion, producing no waste and no harmful radioactive atoms. As long as there is available Deuterium and Tritium, we have an effective way to solve the energy crisis.

The sun generates its energy by fusing hydrogen atoms, which give off large
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In 1997 Jet, a European tokamak produced a D-T fusion reaction producing 16 megawatts of energy. (Wikipedia, 2007) Many people are skeptical about nuclear energy, fearing accidents like Chernobyl will reoccur. Yet, D-T fusion is the cleanest methods of generating energy, producing only helium and neutrons as products. Deuterium if found in seawater about 1 part in every 6500, adding up to around 10^15 tons of deuterium, making it virtually inexhaustible. However, tritium must be breed. Tritium is very rare in nature, but it can be made from naturally occurring lithium. (Hyper Physics, 2007)
QuickTime™ and aTIFF (LZW) decompressorare needed to see this picture.The D-T fusion reaction (Figure 2)
Deuterium-Tritium Fusion 4
Deuterium-Tritium fusion has many experts excited, as of now it appears to be a clean, inexhaustible, and effective way to generate energy. Advantages of D-T fusion Deuterium-Tritium fusion has many advantages over fuels that are being used today. The primary fuel source for the year 2007 and many years before has been burning gasoline. Burning gas produces lots of unwanted pollution into the air creating a greenhouse effect on earth. Deuterium-Tritium fusion produces no carbon emissions and relatively no radioactive material. There is always fear in modern nuclear facilities because elements like Uranium decay into radioactive particles that could take many years to remove. With Deuterium fusion the only products are

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