Creating a Teenage Magazine Essay

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Creating a Teenage Magazine

My design brief for this project was to create a teenage magazine to include the front cover, a double page spread and one other page of your choice. The magazine must have a clear target audience within the age of 13-19 containing at least 3 orignal image . I will be assessed on these three components which are planning (30 marks), construction ( 60 marks) and a production report ( 30 marks). it will be appealing towards a mass audience.

At an early stage I was carefully looking at the whole projects created by other students in the past to give me an idea of what sort of project is all about. Then we were asked to do an action plan which help us to meet our
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i should of been thinking about why teenagers buy magazines, what interests them and how are they are attracted to puchase a magazine.

The next part of my research was important and it had helped me a lot to design a layout of my magazine in other words looking at an existing popular magazine in a particular category.which is textual analysis on front covers, single page spread, and a double page spread. I did textual analysis on two front covers, one was a movie magazine called Total Film and the other one was a fashion and beauty magazine for teenage girls called Elle Girl. For the front covers I analysed the use of typography and unusual colour they put together in order to attract the reader to purchase the product, I also studied the way they present their information and the using simple font style and large fonts to catch the readers eyes and the use of language is most of the time informal so it can be literally aimed at a younger audience. Another important thing is the celebrities they positioned on the cover they would be either looking at the camera so it looks like they looking towards the reader and their facial expression inspires the way the reader looks at the cover. For the movie magazine , they would put famous actors and actresses to represent a movie they advertising and for the fashion and beauty magazine they

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