Corruption in Somalia Impedes the Distribution of Aid Essay

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Introduction Corruption in Somalia is the prime impediment to the effective distribution of aid, and in turn, subverts efforts by the United Nations to reduce poverty and improve security, as well as efforts by the USAID program to promote democracy. International organizations, Non-Governmental organizations et al, have made it part of their mission to aid developing countries. Aid in various forms such as development, health and food assistance, and education have had exponentially positive effects throughout the world. However, in conflict ridden countries such as Somalia, with high levels of corruption, aid in every form has been virtually ineffective. It is vital to comprehend the extent to which corruption dilutes aid efforts, in …show more content…
By 1990, in the wake of the central government's inability to quell the revolt, the uprising spread to other parts of the country. President Barre fled Mogadishu on January 27, 1991, leaving the country with neither a nationally recognized president nor a central government.

Significant attempts to reestablish an internationally recognized government began in the late 20th century. The Transitional National Government (TNG) established in 2000, subsequently transformed into the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) in 2004, was relatively successful in restoring some order to the country. In 2006 the TFG, backed by Ethiopian troops and U.S air support, drove out the Islamic Court Union (ICU), regaining control of north Somalia and bringing an end to partial conflict in the region. An agreement on a new constitution in 2012 established the first permanent government, since the start of the civil war, with elections following the same year. Although it appears Somalia has finally gained relative stability, the country is still characterized by massive secular, ethnic, political, and territorial issues.
Somalia has long been regarded as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Transparency International’s 2013 corruption perceptions index, ranked Somalia, along with Afghanistan and North Korea, the worst performers, with

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