Corporations and the Ecosystem Essay

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We live in a fragile environment that is for the most part under our control and we should not abuse that power by letting corporations abuse it. These corporations abuse or ignore the regulations of pollution and have repeatedly gone past the limits. These corporations should not be allowed to devastate the world and ecosystems that people live in but also the numerous animals and plants which have no choice but to cope with what we create. With the current system we live with the future is bleak due to the current consumption of current resources, it could be that in the near future we could be looking for food in every part of the western world. The earth that we are living in is on track to become a big problem for our generation or at …show more content…
You can store hazardous chemicals in only so many places before it becomes a big environmental problem. Cold-fusion (room-temperature fusion) involves the complicated process of turning dense water (2H2O or D2O) into a cheap, clean, and abundant power source. It is said to be limitless in its ability to produce energy for an ever-expanding population on Earth. It is foreseeable in the future that cold-fusion would be used as a major power source but some scientists believe that it could take as long as half a century or more before it would become economically and scientifically feasible. Geothermal energy is based off of the fact that the Earth's crust becomes hotter with increasing depth. This means that enormous quantities of heat are available as a resource for possible use. Geothermal industry today uses hot aquifers or natural flowing zones for production of energy, but these resources are very limited compared with the huge amount of energy stored in the large volume of deep crystalline basement rocks which have high temperatures but very limited water resources. We are slowly learning how to exploit these hot rocks in order to gain access to this environmentally friendly and valuable resource. The approach is to use the natural fractures in the deep rock as a giant heat exchanger but experimentation into power for the masses has slowed considerably and thus makes the idea of having your home powered by a deep hole in

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