Corporal Punishment and Parents Essay

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The most important argument in favour of corporal punishment, which is the excuse of most of the parents when they are asked to stop the physical punishment, is that it teaches discipline to the children. The conventional parents give the name of discipline to the use of physical force to enforce their orders on their offspring’s. But actually discipline is of two types as defined in a journal named “The State of Research on the Effects of Physical Punishment” that “power-assertive” and “inductive” discipline. Power-assertive disciplinary methods involve following a child’s inappropriate behaviour with a negative consequence (smacking, threats, and withdrawal of privileges) without explanation or justification. Inductive methods involve …show more content…
It is the only point on which Gershoff meta-analysis appeared to be in favour of corporal punishment. Although it is true that corporal punishment leads to immediate obedience of order of the parent but as soon as children come to know that they are no more in observance of their parents they do the same thing again. Children become used to being punished and as a result even this short-term compliance also dissipates with time and children give no importance to their parents when they are asking them to avoid something. Moreover, this use of force to stop child from doing something is only useful till the time children are unable to resist; as soon as they become able to resist, they disobey their parents as by continuous use of corporal punishment the respect of parents from their heart is eliminated and it’s the only fear which keeps them obeying their parents for that interval of time. Keeping in view all the long term negative effects of corporal punishment, this immediate compliance which is even not permanent has negligible importance. So this argument of expeditious acquiescence is not enough to support corporal punishment.
Moreover corporal punishment of juveniles is against moral principles. According to the book named “Hitting people is wrong and children are people too”, United Nation’s high commissioner for human rights states, “The

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