Corporal Punishment and Anti-social Behaviors Essay

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While the practice of corporal punishment is still valid in some parts of the world it has become a dishonorable custom in other parts, especially in the West. Many parents have argued in favor for such kind of punishment by claiming that it is a quick and efficient way to achieve “immediate compliance” and discipline their children. Corporal punishment still stands as an everyday approach to ensuring discipline for the children. “Interviews conducted in 2000 for the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY, 2002) indicated that of all the parents of 3-year-olds, 51.6% reported that they had used corporal punishment in the past week, and 35.9% of parents of 4 and 5-year-olds reported that
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In the research design, there will be a detailed methodology description. The findings of this research will likely support the hypothesis that corporal punishment is not a desirable technique for discipline and that it does result in the development of antisocial behavior. This paper was designed to give an in-depth description of corporal punishment and its possible outcomes. The problem at hand was whether or not corporal punishment should be a means of disciplinary actions. Even though, I tried to assess how my own diverse peers within the gates of New York University in Abu Dhabi feel about corporal punishment and whether of not they did experience such form of punishment at one point in time, the outcomes of my research have a very low confidence rate because the sample that I used was very small. Research in this field often questions if the negative outcomes of corporal punishment can be immediate or more apparent in the long run. This paper only deals with immediate effects of the corporal punishment due to certain data collection limitations that will be explored in the research design.
Research Question:
Is there an empirical association between corporal punishment and children’s anti-social behavior?
Theoretical Background Previous Research around the issue of corporal punishment includes, A Meta-Analytic and Theoretical Review by Elizabeth Thompson Gershoff from Columbia University. Elizabeth

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