Essay about Cooperative Learning and Technology Integration

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In today’s classroom the emphasis is no longer on teacher-directed instructed; it is on student-centered learning. Another important aspect of the classroom is the integration of technology to enhance student learning. Research over both is significantly increasing, which makes understanding the positive outcomes of implementing the two strategies imperative for educators. As most educators are aware, the key element to a pupil’s success lies in their motivation to achieve goals and be successful pupils; therefore by combining both student-centered learning strategies, such as cooperative learning and technology integration, student learning can be positively impacted. One way to incorporate both cooperative learning and technology …show more content…
The use of blogs is another way to incorporate both cooperative learning and technology into classroom instruction. Blogs can use both formal and informal cooperative learning strategies. In a formal cooperative learning group the instructor specifies requirements, observes throughout the process, and offers assistance when needed. In an informal cooperative learning group the instructor explains how blogs can be used when working together and then allows pupils to articulate their own learning and engage in discussion with other learners. The last type of cooperative learning groups is cooperative based groups. This type of group is long-term and pupils work together from the beginning of a course till the end and group members work together both in and out of class (Wang & Fang, 2005). A study conducted at National Formosa University concluded that the benefits of cooperative learning in weblog networks includes learner autonomy, time management, and the essential benefits of cooperative learning which include positive interdependence, individual accountability, group processing, social skills, and face-to-face interaction. Pupils were first introduced to the blogs at the beginning of the semester and through the course of the semester they used the blogs to respond to readings,

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