cool runnings movie analysis Essay

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Nicole Angelic R. Simpao

Cool Runnings

There really was a Jamaican bobsled team. , the Jamaicans practiced on a bobsled with wheels, in the absence of any snow in their native land. Then they went to the winter Olympics, where the crowds cheered their pluck, if not their speed.

The Jamaican national bobsleigh team represents Jamaica in international bobsledding competitions. Not only was there the novelty of having a tropical country compete in a cold-weather sport, but they had very little practice going down a bobsled track before, and they borrowed spare sleds from other countries to compete. The first challenge was to recruit athletes for the program. Despite the appeal of the opportunity to compete in the Olympic
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Paramedics rush down to tend to the Jamaicans, only to part as they rise to their feet. The guys hoist the sled over their shoulders and begin walking toward the finish line, determined to finish the race no matter what. The crowd, awestruck by the Jamaicans ' performance, cheers them on as they finish. Everyone shows their admiration: Even though their chances of winning are gone, Jamaica finishes with dignity and pride. The team returned to

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