Contradiction to Relationship: The African American Slave Family

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Human beings are born with a tabula rasa. This is a theory that explains that people are born without a pre-existing knowledge of their identity. It further describes that human knowledge and the development of their nature comes from experiences and interactions with other human beings. These types of interactions can turn into relationships, which can aid in personal growth and also bring in a strong support system during times of crisis. One of the first places a person may find this type of support and connection is in a stable family. The meaning of the word family can vary depending on the person and other environmental factors like culture, religion, etc. The Oxford English Dictionary defines family as “a group consisting of two …show more content…
However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a stable family in their lives. Sometimes the reason for this is personal, but more often than not, the reason is some type of a social barrier. Slavery in America was one of these social barriers that caused many people of African ancestry to suffer from daily hardships and turmoil at the hands of white slaveholders. There are many slaves who have written about the darkest days of their lives in slave narratives, which exemplify the harsh reality of slavery and its effect on African American individuals. Harriet Jacobs is one of these authors who demonstrated in her narrative Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl that the Institution of Slavery in America created disintegrated African American slave families. It was impossible for slaves to have a stable family, with married two parent households, because the slave masters’ actions separated slaves physically, psychologically and emotionally. Slaveholders divided and sold off slave families when necessary, controlled marriages and reproduction of slaves, and often had sexual relationships with slave women, which resulted in illegitimate children.The result of all this led to the loss of the comfort and support of the African American slave family.
Slavery in America was one of the most inhumane acts in the history of the nation. The slaveholders considered their slaves as property

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