Contemporary Society Essay

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Contemporary Society

Contemporary Society
Social and political scientists have associated contemporary society with a myriad of characteristics which include rapid technological advancements, greater human interactions, promotion of gender equality, and respect for human rights (Halcli & Browning, 2000, p. 226). However, many obstacles have stood on the way to achieving a number of important social issues such as ensuring proper gender equity in various government and private institutions. The Australian contemporary society is no exception as recent developments in the military composition have revealed a gap in gender equity among other gender sensitive issues. The Australian Defense Force (ADF)
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The latest revelations have come just a few months after an earlier report into the culture of the Royal Australian Army was released in February. The earlier report cited cases of sexual predation, intimidation and bullying of female military personnel by male personnel, and excessive consumption of alcohol. It is worth noting that upon the release of this report, Stephen Smith who is the Defense Minister defended the ADF by referring to the report as being inaccurate (Wadham, 2011).
Nevertheless, every bit of the report whether at the time it was true or not, pointed to the fact that female military personnel were living in an unsafe environment. Two months down the line, a similar story but this time targeting the ADFA has surfaced. The story has revealed a case of a male cadet in the training institution having taken a film of himself and a first year female cadet having sex. The film has been released into the public domain through the Internet, sparking a wave of similar complaints by female military cadets. In fact, the number of allegations of sex abuse inside the ADFA have been reported to be more than 1, 000 and the report is due to be released this month (Australia lifts ban on women in military combat roles, 2011).
The ADF has a history of sexual harassment of female military personnel as incidences of the early 1990s confirm. There is clear evidence of persistent practices of sexual predation including cases of female military personnel being raped

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