Consumer Behaviours and Marketing of Wine and Foods Essay

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Human beings have various needs for their bodies and vary depending on the role the factors contribute. Marketing of the products is essential in exposing the brands of the society by giving them choice. Needs include food, shelter, clothing and others have also included education, security and entertainment as part of the same. Food refers to any substance that is consumed for the provision of nutritional supply to the body and originate from animals or plant (Aguilera, et al, 1999). Food usually has various components that it provides the human body and these are known as growth, body protection and energy provision amongst others. Wine is also consumed though not considered to add any nutritional values to the human
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This essay will try to look at the different consumer behaviours and specifically will look at culture and the influences it exerts on wine consumers and the marketing of the products on the targeted market niches and in regard to intrinsic and extrinsic values.
Consumer Behaviours and Marketing of Wine and Foods
The field of export and export in food and non-food substances has always been under stringent regulations over time and this is because of the value attached to search substances. The main drive of this business is the availability and ability of consumers to use the products in question. Consumers use these products at various times and for given varied reasons and depending on the food used, there are some guiding factors that will determine the way consumers will behave and react (Sandhusen, 2000). There are both primary and secondary factors that determine the consumer behaviour an aspect critical in understand the marketing model of a particular environment. These issues range from social, economic, political, anthropological and psychological. Buyers always have to make some decisions as to what to, when to and why to purchase or consume some products be they food or non-food. These decisions are usually made as an individual while others are made as group.
Some very important behaviour also outline why consumers behave the way

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