Consider How Gender Can Impact Upon Teachers’ Experiences Essay

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1.0 Introduction Teaching career in education setting is commonly seen with a greater numbers of females rather than males. Paton (2013) mentioned that researches have identified, ‘men are being put off applying for jobs in primary schools because working with young children is seen as a woman’s profession’. This perception leaves a questioned on the existence of male teachers especially at primary level. Jamieson (2007) mentioned on the huge difference between women and men at the primary level, ‘women outnumber men four to one’. Thus, it has been clearly proven that males have a strong belief and perception that teaching career welcomes females rather than males. Retaining more male teachers in the educational setting can be …show more content…
Weissmann (2011) summarized on Economic Policy Institute study that teachers are paid less than those who work in other professions requiring similar education and responsibilities. Blanchard (2005) supported on teaching as a low paid job, ‘teaching isn’t known as a high-paying field, and male and female professionals who might consider it could be reluctant to give up a more lucrative career in private sector’. When they are other opportunities for male to earn a better living standard, why do they need to be in teaching profession? Thus, men always stay away from serving in this honorable profession. Smith (2013) mentioned that teaching is a profession to educate children and not money earning career. The quantity of males in teaching career would definitely show a rise in statistic, if and only if, income for teaching profession is increased.
2.2 Perceptions of the Community Perceptions of the society towards male taking up teaching as a profession lead to men having the fear of becoming a teacher. O’Sullivan (2012) mentioned that according to a new study, ‘men are afraid to work in childcare because they fear allegations of paedophilia’. Men fear of being accused for child abuse or sexual harassment when their intention was just meant to comfort a child. The writer being a teacher is required to comfort, hug or carry a child at times especially the little ones. However, if these were to be done by a male teacher,

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