Connection Between Intended Academic Major and Involvement on Campus

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Upon deciding a topic for a research project our attention immediately turned to the stereotypes of clubs. Each club has been identified and aligned in the minds of students with certain attributes. Our first idea focused on the specific stereotypes associated with members of clubs regarding personality types. Similar research has been done on this topic. In 2000, Gary Pike conducted a survey among first year college students at an unspecified college in the Midwest. Subjects were given a

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Our question became: “Is there a relationship between intended academic major and involvement in campus activities?”

We distributed questionnaires to 40 different students at our convenience during the research period. Even though we did not select the students at random we each attempted to poll a variety of people. The subjects were given a survey by a group member and informed as to what the survey was for, and that it was for a class. Each survey consisted of three open-ended questions, three closed-ended questions, two multiple choice, and two checklists.

The dependent variable in our study was each subject’s involvement on campus, whereas the independent variable was the subject’s intended major.

Out of the 40 students polled, eleven aligned themselves with Chi Beta Chi, six were in Phi Kappa Alpha, six were in Theta Nu, five claimed no club affiliation, four were in Sigma Rho, four were in Xi Chi Delta, and three were in Gamma Tau Omega. The most popular organization outside of social clubs was the Performance Groups. This can potentially be explained by the fact that this option covers a number of groups, including, but not limited to, FHU Band, Chorale, and University Singers. Five other students also reported that they were not involved in any extracurricular activities. We recorded 30 different majors among the 40 subjects. 19 of which reported that they had held at least one previous major prior to the survey.

21 of the students were
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