Conflict Resolution Strategies Essay

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Working in a team environment will bring about its challenges. The main challenge to overcome is conflict within the team. Conflicts will happen in a team environment, whether a team is an academic learning team or a business team. How the team members handle the conflict, will determine whether the result is either a positive outcome or a negative outcome.
Challenges of Conflict Resolutions
When a conflict arises in a team environment, and the odds are it, will how the team handles the conflict, will either result in a positive or negative outcome.
Conflict in itself is not the problem. It is rather, our reactions to it that determines the impact, and thus cause us to characterize it as a negative experience. Conflict or divergence
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It does not solve the employee's needs, and or solve the difference of opinion. The reason for working in a team environment is to develop brainstorming, like the saying goes, "two heads are better than one." If the leader only believes that their way of thinking is the only solution to the goal of the team, then that will bring the team down, and there will be no creative productivity from the other members. (Krivis, 2006)
Benefits of Conflict resolutions
Since conflicts are bound to happen in a team environment, what possibly can be the benefits of working in team? Out of conflicts, comes creative, new ides. If there are no conflicts, then the organization would never change. It takes one person to speak out and say, "what if …" and challenge the way things have always been done. Understanding the different approaches of conflict resolutions, will not only better the team, but also teaches you, how to handle all types of conflict, whether at work, academic studies, or at home. "Even though you can't control another person, you can control your own behavior, and your behavior has a great deal to do with the response you get back from others." (Adkens, 2006)
How to enhance your team with conflict resolution
Dealing with team conflicts, will enhance the teams performance, to complete the task on hand effectively, in a timely manor. There are many different techniques a team member/manager can learn to deal with team

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