Concept Definition Map Essay

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Content area vocabulary is a key component to children’s success in the subject. Developing content area vocabulary in their students is sometimes a challenge for teachers. There are many strategies to help teachers build and strengthen vocabulary in their classroom. One strategy is a type of graphic organizer called a concept definition map. “The use of graphic organizers to organize information sometimes gets a bad rap. However, using these tools involves much more than just putting information into little boxes” (Concept/Definition Maps to Comprehend Curriculum Content, 2011). A concept definition map is a graphic organizer some teachers use in their classroom to develop vocabulary. A concept definition map is an excellent way to …show more content…
What does a concept definition map look like? Although there is no set format for a concept definition map, the following is an example from scholastic teacher resources:
The main concept or idea being discussed goes in the big box. During discussion, there are a few sub-concepts of the main idea that need to be filled out to get the full benefits of a concept definition map. Properties of the main idea, the category it falls under, and some examples of it are needed in a concept definition map. Some examples of a concept definition map, such as this one, offer an area to create a new definition of the idea or topic. This area seems to be optional since it may be hard to include all the learned information into words for a new definition.
What are the goals and objectives for using a concept definition map? Spencer and Guillaume listed the goal of a concept definition map is to “support vocabulary development by making students aware of the types of information that make up the meaning of a word and how that information can be organized… Concept definition maps encourage students to think critically about components of words and to consider how these components are related to what they already know” (2009). The goal of a concept definition map is to develop the vocabulary in the content area that is needed to succeed and

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