Components of a Good Mystery Essay

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Components of a Good Mystery

Short fictional mystery stories were very popular in the 19th century, especially in the Victorian era. They often appeared on the back of newspapers or in magazines because they were so cheap. Although not read as much now, one does receive pleasure in reading these fascinating mystery stories. Nowadays we have television, radios, films and many other modern media technologies. As the world advanced, science was beginning to explain the unexplainable and answer unanswerable questions. There were huge scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, that it seemed as if it could solve anything. These stories were original, unique and unexplainable, which is why the
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This creation of a new world is vital for a good mystery story.

'The Twitch' begins with a description of the setting, and then goes onto describe the guests that come in. The man and his daughter are described as almost cold among a warm atmosphere. This suggests a contrast to ordinary happenings, and it is this effect that makes the central characters in this story seem peculiar. The first sense of mystery and dread enter when the man's hair is described to be "White, too white…" This creates a sense of eerieness and something from out of this world, and also begins to introduce questions in the mind of the reader as to why this man is so different. The man is described in such a way, that he stands out from the rest of the dinner guests. The word "grave" is also used to describe him, which, after reading the story until the end, makes sense, and is, in effect, ironic. It also gives an impression of something from the dead. The girl is described as having: "the pale beauty of a ghost," which immediately gives us the idea that these two people are something out of the ordinary. She is also described as being having "terrible slowness as if she was virtually unable to move her arms." This gives us a pretty obvious impression that she is something from the supernatural, and is like a zombie, or the living dead. The father has a "most peculiar nervous twitch… his

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