Competition Is Not Good For People Essay

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Ancient China has a number of sayings about competition, such as, “seeking great honor results in no honor at all”. Theodore Isaac Rubin, a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, explains in his essay, “Competition and Happiness” competition seldom brings out the best and often brings out the worst in people. He argues that competition is a form of projection in which the development of self is abandoned to beat the next fellow. Rubin believes that, “competition is a residual of a primitive past, and it is not a genetic residual” (312). In the past, competition was necessary for people had to compete in order to survive. Even though, people were conditioned to compete in the past, it is not pertinent anymore as it became another aspect in …show more content…
The Swiss system was non-competitive: people receiving passing grades were accepted into medical schools. To pass and obtain the degree, students were required to show adequate knowledge of the material. The Swiss students displayed great friendship among each other, assisted each other and portrayed “proficiency in grasping and integrating the material” (313). The Americans, however, arrived from a highly competitive system, and only few believed that “medical school could be straightforward, noncompetitive activity” (313) and formed competitive groups. Some people convinced themselves that the exams and professors were tricky and won’t be able to pass the standardized government exams. Students started keeping secrets from their own friends, hiding their friends’ lab manuals and notebooks, convinced others to leave as they will not pass and friends that came to Switzerland together stopped talking as they saw each other as competition. Confident students did not leave any hope to the students that lacked self-esteem and confidence. In communities, self-esteem and confidence are also linked to a person’s performance in sports. C W. Nevius’s “The Cost of High Stakes on Little League Games” essay suggests that competition is a product of parents, not children because parents are ego driven. While some sports have been viewed as primarily recreational, most sports are considered competitive. The behavior of

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