Comparison of The Great Gatsby and A Streetcar Named Desire Essay example

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In the novel The Great Gatsby and the play A Streetcar Named Desire the main characters James Gatsby and Blanche Dubois have a lengthy search for love. Both characters go about their search in similar and different ways. The characters choose illusion over reality, but the way in which they go about it differs. Also in an attempt to impress, both characters try and “buy” love by using material possessions to attract people to them. Although Gatsby and Blanche devote a lot of their lives to finding true love, their searching leaves them unsuccessful.
Gatsby and Blanche are blinded by their own pasts. Gatsby decides to live in a constant fantasy that he will get Daisy back. He is not willing to accept that she is married and loves another
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She tries to go about finding love by telling Stella, Stanley and countless men lies about her past. When Blanche arrives at Stella’s house she is talking to Stanley and he asks her if she has ever fallen in love and tells him “Yes. When I was quite Young” and Stanley asks “What happened” she lies and says “The boy- the boy died.” (Williams 1). In reality the boy had committed suicide, and she is justifying to herself that he died and it was not her fault. These events are similar because both are dealing with people they love. Blanche’s “beacon of hope” is in her mind, she believes that running away from Belle Reve will find her love. Gatsby believes that living so close to Daisy will re unite him with her and they will fall in love. They have up rooted themselves and moved for love.
After the war Gatsby is a very poor man and he begins to work illegally, and makes his fortune by bootlegging. This is only because he knows Daisy will not love a poor man and if he is poor he knows he will probably never get the chance to ever meet her again. Gatsby begins to throw lavish parties every weekend in a hope that Daisy would come to one of them. Similarly Blanche, due to her guilt begins to associate herself with a lot of men. When questioned by Stanley about her past she denies all the accusations that he makes and acts as if she is offended about by them. Gatsby is also accused by many people,

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