Comparison of "An American Story" and "Of Plymouth Plantation"

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The United States has been a safe location for many people from different countries and time periods. Both "An American Story" and "Of Plymouth Plantation" share many differences and similarities. The two authors are completely different people, but their works are both non-fictional and true stories. "An American Story," written by Anthony Lewis, is an article that tells about the struggles of a Vietnamese family who has tried numerous times in the past to get into the U.S. At some point during their voyage, the Vietnamese family was separated for 15 years. The setting in "Of Plymouth Plantation" took place 400 years ago but the morale of the story still stays the same. William Bradford wrote "Of Plymouth Plantation" and his biography …show more content…
The Puritans landed in Cape Cod while the Vietnamese "were flown to Portland, Oregon" (pg.34, second paragraph, last line). Yet another difference is that both groups of people ended up doing different jobs. The Puritans held jobs such as farmers and blacksmiths, whereas the Vietnamese ended up working as lawyers or mechanical assemblers. Although the Puritans and the Vietnamese have many significant differences they also share many similarities.

Though there are significant differences between the two groups, the Puritans and the Vietnamese share many similarities. First of all, both groups of people fled from their country because of fear of persecution. The Vietnamese in Vietnam were killed and tortured by political regimes and the Puritans were discriminated against because they wanted to form their own church. Another similarity they shared is that they both managed to have better lives than they had before their voyage. The Vietnamese held high-class jobs such as secretaries for the Supreme Court, which is better than most American nationals, can manage. The Puritans at first had problems getting work but then they formed and organized many historic events such as the first Thanksgiving Day. The two stories are also alike because they tell of sufferings of a group of people. Both the Vietnamese and the Puritans had troubles starting of their voyages. The Puritans had to exchange ships because of technical difficulties similar to the Vietnamese

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