Comparing the Rich versus the Poor Essay

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Rich vs. Poor: Distributing the World’s Wealth Equally

Think about the house that you live in, the neighbors that surround you and the town where you come from. More importantly, think about the car, clothing, and material things that you possess. Living an absolutely affluent life, as most of us do, is something that we take for granted. Now put yourself in the shoes of a child at the age of 5 in Zambia. There is no roof over your head, no shoes on your feet, and no food on the table to eat. You live every day wondering how much longer you will survive in this situation. This example may represent an extreme situation in Zambia, but forces one to think about how many people are living in poverty throughout the world.

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Poor). Their combined wealth would be more than enough to provide the basic needs of the poorest quarter of the world’s population. The idea that affluent individuals could give more to the poor “without thereby sacrificing anything of comparable moral significance” (Singer 229) would provide resources to improve the lives of those who are impoverished and in desperate need of assistance.

The images of poverty in the United States that we are accustomed to seeing are homeless people sleeping on benches, beggars standing on the sidewalk pleading for money, or the hungry waiting in line at soup kitchens to be given a minimal amount of food. These situations can be defined as relative poverty, which is a lack of resources needed to meet anything beyond basic human needs. Living even in relative poverty often means not having sufficient food, clothing, shelter, or medical care to live a healthy life. These problems are present in society everyday and we tend to think only about the poor people in our own country. Relative poverty is a serious issue that affects millions of innocent men, women and children throughout the world. Lacking essential requirements to lead an affluent life puts the poor at a disadvantage in relation to rich populations. If the poor are not given wealth to help them out of poverty, they are not being given a fair chance to rise or emerge out of the depths of impoverishment. Many individuals are quick to argue that we need to take care of

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