Comparing the Films The Dead Poets Society and The Breakfast Club

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Comparing the Films The Dead Poets Society and The Breakfast Club

There are numerous differences between the two movies, and although they’re both in a different setting and different time frames, there are also many similarities. “The Dead Poets Society” is set in the mid 60’s in an upper class prep school. On the other hand “ The Breakfast Club” is set in the 80’s at a typical public High School in a middle-class suburban neighborhood. Although one movie has a timeline of a whole school year, and the other only goes through one day, they both show very clearly how the average student life is and was in their respectable time frames. It is easy to compare and contrast everything from settings and timeframes, to obedience, to
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Now, in “ The Breakfast Club,” the kids are getting in trouble for things like bringing guns to school, assault, and possession of illegal drugs. And all the punishment they get is a simple day in Saturday School. Although the punishment doesn’t exactly fit the crime, it still shows realistically that today’s society is a lot more lenient to such things. It is also easy to compare such simple things as the principle or the dean of students in both of these movies. In “ The Dead Poets Society,” the principle is an upstanding citizen of society who is respected by everyone, especially his students. The students wouldn’t even speak in front of him unless asked to. It also seems that the students respect their principle, and their teachers just as much as their parents, if not more. In “ The Breakfast Club,” on the other hand, the students treat their principle like their little brother. They ridicule, mach, and attempt to torment him as much as possible, and they have no more respect for him whatsoever. The principle’s supposed to be a leader of the students and staff but instead he’s getting advice from the school janitor. Although their were more than a few similarities between the two movies, the one that stood out most was the pressure and stress put on the students by their parents. I think this is one of the most outstanding parts of both movies. In psychology, my class and the others split into groups of

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