Comparing the Approaches of Rationalism and Empiricism Towards a Theory of Knowledge

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Comparing the Approaches of Rationalism and Empiricism Towards a Theory of Knowledge

Rationalism -----------

Rene Descartes was the main rationalist. He said he believed he had to doubt everything known to him to really understand knowledge.

Rationalism first began in Ancient Greece with two extreme rationalists - Parmenides and Zeno. Rationalists believed in innate ideas - ones that are present at birth, in the mind.

When Descartes started his thoughts, it was in the 17th century, during the rise of science. Descartes decided to set up a new system of knowledge to replace the knowledge of the church. This is where Descartes introduced his 'Method of Doubt'. In his 'Method of
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He won and gave all the money back to his sister. He worked as a lens grinder, which led to an early death, due to the effects of glass dust on his lungs.

Spinoza thought that everything was an aspect of God. Descartes said everything was from the mind or made from matter. Spinoza believed that all we are, are ideas in the mind of God.

Leibniz, a supreme intellect in his day, was a very shallow, but ambitious. He thought that matter with no material form, were called Monads, which are spiritual forms that from complexes which are seen as matter. In other words, these 'Monads', bits of spiritual nothingness, can from material objects.

Because of Descartes emphasis on the mind, it became easier to know than the body. He also found it difficult to bring back the subject of matter back into his philosophy. Descartes set up a problem…

"How do the mind and the body connect?" =======================================

This question has presented problems to all rationalists. To make it easier, the mind and the body were referred as the following;

Mind - Incorporeal (has no substance to make it up)

Body - Corporeal

So the question turned to be,

"How can something incorporeal, interact wit something corporeal?" ==================================================================


Empiricists went against the ideas of

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