Comparing Solomon and Gaeynor to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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Solomon and Gaeynor is little more than another,  more modern version of Romeo and Julliet.  The basic story line in Solomon and Gaeynor is about a couple who fall deeply in love,  but face the problem that their families are very different,  and would never agree to a marriage between the two of them.  Similarly in Romeo and Julliet,  a young couple fall hopelessly in love,  but due to the dispute amongst the two families,  it is not possible for them to marry,  and live happily ever after.

         Solomon,  a young Jewish man meets a welsh girl,  whilst he is going from door to door in order to sell cloth for making clothes.  They
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Gaeynor does not find out about Solomons Jewish background,  which makes the situation slightly different to that of Romeo and Julliet.  However in the end this does not cause all that many problems,  as after they have an argument over him having kept secrets from her,  she forgives him,  and they make plans to elope,  and thus enable a normal life together,  whithout having to live with the social barriers set by the society and elders.

Another difference between the two couples mentioned above,  is that Romeo and Julliet came from wealthy and powerful families,  and were caught up in a war amongst the rich.  Solomon and Gaeynor on the other hand were in a „war“ that was not as much over power and wealth,  but over bare survival,  and finding a source for all the problems.  In this case it was the jewish population that were made the skapegoats.  The reason for this was that they were not affected by the problems in the mines,  as they worked as shop owners and bankers.  As a result of this one might even claim that in the case of Solomon and Gaeynor,  they were attempting a marriage not only between

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