Comparing How Advertisements Use Language and Presentation to Persuade Readers to Buy Cars

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In this capitalist society people are persuaded by advertisers to consume products which are not even needed. Companies need people to consume in order for the economy to flourish. People who already have cars which still perform well do not really require the replacement of a further one. Cars are pretty similar to one another; all cars have one principle in their manufacture which is to move from one place to another (transport). The difference which divides the cars in groups is the engine size, colour/finish, gadgetry etc. However, it is these differences which persuade people to consume cars even if there is no need to purchase one. This is the job of companies; they sell so called 'dream …show more content…
These will be used through out the coursework for comparing how advertisers use presentational and linguistic devices to persuade the reader and their effect on readers intentionally and unintentionally.

The 'MGZS' advertisement starts of with a three part list, "The Genetically Modified, Testosterone Fuelled, Grin Inducing MGZS". Although the advertisement has detailed technical information at the top, it is small since it is not designed to attract readers but for serious buyers. When the advertisers use the term, "Genetically modified", means the alteration of the genetic structure of and organism for a particular purpose and to improve its performance. An example of this is GM crops (genetically modified crops); these crops are modified to improve their growth so that they can grow taller, stronger and bigger so that the wheat or fruit they produce are more bigger and quality supplies. This suggests that the car has been altered to be more powerful and advance compared to other cars, which subtly makes the reader believe that this car has been modified so that it performs more advanced compared to other cars. However, genetically modified food is also avoided by people who are concerned about their health, therefore it could make the reader also

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