Comparing Dharker's Blessing versus Ezelkiel's Night of the Scorpion

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Blessing & Night of the Scorpion ‘Blessing’, by Imbilz Dharker and ‘Night Of The Scorpion’ by Nissim Ezelkiel both teach us a lot about another culture. Both poems are set in India and so the people in the poem haven’t got much and so cherish what they do have. I shall analyse the similarities and the differences between the two enthralling poems and then evaluate my findings. ‘The Night of the Scorpion’ was written by Imbilz Dharker and is based in India. The title immediately draws the

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The writer uses repetition to increase the tempo of the poem and to increase the tension. The words, “they said” are used numerous times to give the effect of the people chanting. You can imagine the noise swelling as the night goes on.

There is a lot in the poem about reincarnation and rebirth. The peasants are all firm believers in a higher power of some sort as they talk of this universe as an “unreal world”, meaning that they believe in the next life. They believe that the more that you suffer in one life then the better off you will be in the next, “diminished by your pain”. This is reference to karma, as the mother is suffering, she is making it easier for herself in the next life.

More and more people appear as the epic struggle goes on, “more neighbours, more insects and the endless rain”, the mother is in tremendous pain “mother twisted through and through groaning”, but she does not give up. Many people worked on her using a mixture of remedies that are dreamed up through legend and suspicion. Her husband, usually “sceptic, rationalist” is now growing desperate trying “every curse and blessing, powder, mixture, herb, and hybrid”. This shows the amount of love that the husband holds for his wife, that he will try anything to save her even though he may not believe it himself. Eventually the poison lost its sting and the mother utters the final words of the poem “Thank God the scorpion picked on me and spared my children”.

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