Comparing and Contrasting the Two Novels "Night" and "The Hiding Place"

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Two books so similar in their journey, and yet so far apart through the roads they take are, Night and The Hiding Place. In The Hiding Place, a book about the life of Cornelia ten Boom, and her journey from her average life to a life filled with pain that helps her discover her strong faith in God. In Night, Ellie Wiesel starts out having more faith in God then in himself, and after having to endure the death of his family, he loses all faith in God and religion. Corrie ten Boom was an adult, when the Gestapo came to Holland, and had much more taken away from her because she had lived more than Wiesel had. Cornelia was never the most fortunate woman in the world, but through her many misfortunes and strong faith she learned how to deal …show more content…
The pain of losing her loved ones helped Corrie to deal with any pain that life presented. After losing her love only because her family’s status was not up to the standards of Karel’s family, Corrie gave up her heart to God. Ellie was a child, and had not known death first hand, that is why Ellie broke down completely at the death of his father, no longer wanting to go on living. Corrie’s strengthened faith also helped her to overcome life’s many tests, but Ellie began to lose his faith in God and could not face his obstacles head on. Cornelia ten Boom’s life was never the envy of anyone, because her mother and aunts had died due to illnesses, her father whom was known as the old man of Haarlem had a famous hundred year old watch shop, but never made any money, and Corrie had lost her love, Karel to another woman at a young age. The reason Corrie had any faith left in God was because of her father being such a religious man. Casper ten Boom would recite religious scriptures every morning exactly at 8:30, ever since Corrie was a little girl, but after being sent Ravensbruck, a concentration camp, Cornelia began to search for the meaning behind Gods work. Ellie was also very religious due to his father, whom was renowned for his faith. Corrie and Ellie were separated from their families after reaching the concentration camps. During the time that Corrie was in a solitary cell, she came to realize that she has to, “have the heroic effort of the ant

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