Comparing and Contrasting the French and American Revolutions

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In comparing and contrasting the French and American Revolutions, are notable differences but there are similarities as well. Of course, each was fought for a different cause. The American Revolution was a break from the mother country, Great Britain. It was a matter of independence as an individual state, prompted in part by unfair taxation and religion. The Revolution involved a series of colonies, rising up against an oppressor, with the help of the French by economic and military support. In some ways, this was similar to the French uprising, but of course, the French rose up against their own government after assisting America with ours. It was not a colonial state. Rather, the French government didn’t establish a democracy but …show more content…
Soon, monarchal rule returned. The Napoleon dynasty was in fact concerned with reversing two main legacies of the European coalition which was the territorial settlement of 1814-15 and the Congressional system which was in place (Mansel, 1998). According to Mansel (1998), this was one reason for Louis-Napoleon's popularity and rise to power during 1848. It would be Napoleon III, also known as Louis-Napoleon, who would ultimately destroy the alliance between the monarchs of Europe which had overthrown his uncle decades earlier (Mansel, 1998). The French again did not want drastic change. They simply wanted the present monarchs out, and they did get that. Of course, monarchy would return and then for decades to come, France would see different types of governments. In the end, eventually, France would become a country for which many of its residents are content. They are not oppressed and with a socialist mentality, the people are much better off than they were prior to the revolution. The French Revolution was fought for equality and fairness and it was equated with distribution of material goods. The American Revolution was not tied to this idea, but it did concern money. Money enters the picture in both scenarios. There was not enough money to go around for the French

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