Comparing a McDonalds Advertisement and a Walkers Advertisement

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Comparing a McDonalds Advertisement and a Walkers Advertisement

Both advertisements are popular food products. McDonalds are very famous all over the world; the company is based in America and started off there. Walker's crisps are a British company. When you hear the name Walkers, you often think of walkers crisps. Both of these companies sell there products to a range of people. Younger people generally purchase more of these products than older people.

In the McDonald advert, they are trying to tell the audience that their restaurant isn't just for teenagers, but for all ages. They have shown this through the characters in the advert. They also are trying to promote that McDonalds is a class
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I think after it then becomes clear that the boy has volunteered to shake the crisps. In the second scene it becomes clear that the little boy who stole the crisps is Gary Liniker. Liniker is world famous because he played international football for England and for never getting a yellow or red card in his whole football career. He has been known to be called the good boy of football. In the advert, the grown up boy (Gary Liniker) has once again done the same trick with all of his mates running after him. It also adds a bit of humour to find a fault of Gary Liniker, that he steals crisps from people.

The sound track for the McDonalds advert is an important part of the advertisement. The music sets the pace and general feel of the ad. The song is an nursery tune that they maybe choose because everyone knows the words to the song and might make them some how familiar to the ad and make them feel involved in it. The song is "Noah's Ark" and instead of the animals going in two by two, this time the people go in two by two. The words to the song match the price deal that McDonalds are going to do E.g. 2 pounds, 2 burgers and 2 fries. The words are changed to customers which is a classless thing to call anybody. The people also parade across the road to the beat of the music. The voice singing the lyrics to the tune emphasis some words such

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