Essay about Comparing a Broadsheet and a Tabloid

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Comparing a Broadsheet and a Tabloid

The Sunday Times is a highly regarded newspaper, tending to be very conservative and highly informative. It is aimed at those who are interested in all the details about current affairs. The Sunday Express is a tabloid newspaper. These are papers that appeal to people who may just want to scan the news quickly, in order to have a good idea about events happening around the world, without giving up great amounts of time to read lengthy articles. They are contrasting in the way they deal with presenting the news to their readers. Evidence of this can be found through comparing how the two newspapers documented the inferno in a cable train in a tunnel in the
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The use of the word "kill" is powerful and hard hitting. If the word "die" had been used instead, the effect on people would not be as dramatic.

This article in The Express is the only article on the page, with the exception of two advertisements. This ensures the reader is not distracted by another story. In The Times, there are several other articles and advertisements to take the reader´s attention away from the main headline. The Express uses a bold, thick border around the article, making it stand out further. In The Times, there is a border, yet it is less effective as it is very thin and not very bold.

There is just one column of text in the Express article. The article is dominated by a large photograph of one of the survivors, bloodied, looking sad and shaken. It provokes the interest of the reader, making them want to read about the story. The same scene is used in The Times. It is portrait, showing most of the woman and the two rescuers. In The Express, the photograph is landscape, showing the woman and the two rescuers from the waist upwards. I feel the photograph in The Express is more effective at a glance, because it causes you to focus on the woman´s face and her expressions, as well as the shocked expressions on the rescuers and people around the woman. It is not necessary to see the people from the waist down.

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