Essay on Compare/Contrast: Empire-Building

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Spain and the Ming Dynasty were places on Earth in two very different locations. Yet, somehow they had been similar. The rulers had killed or expelled people that disagreed or they both just had their ways of organizing. But there seemed to be more differences. Spain had conquered the Americas and did not separate the state from the church and the Ming didn’t expand that much, and didn’t involve religion into politics. Thus, Spain had more larger goals towards imperialism, Christianity, and keeping the country in a “pure” state with only hereditary Christians, while the Ming Dynasty focused more on unity, acceptance of all religions, and keeping the court as balanced as possible.
Spanish rulers and the founder of the Ming Dynasty
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Since Taizu had some type of mental problem, he had a short temper, and took no time to get him mad. These rulers sometimes disagreed with the people, and therefore, took actions to protect their beliefs. Spain was focused on imperialism, while the Ming Dynasty focused on controlling and keeping the empire together. Spain was aiming for the land on the other side of world, the Americas. While it had Christopher Columbus and other Spanish conquistadors going to the Americas conquering lands, it had increased the size of the Spanish kingdom. They wanted, and needed, new resources to help their kingdom to become the strongest. The Ming Dynasty weren’t as focused on conquering lands and gaining more power in the world. Instead it had laws and organizations to produce more supplies and to provide enough for the people. Even their garrisons were abandoned and the remaining ones were Mongols. These Mongols had an empire near the Ming, but the Ming didn’t even bother conquering it. They even took control of Beijing after the Mongols left it. Spain was more interested in status and wealth, while the Ming Empire was focused on keeping the empire together and unified.

Spain was more religiously connected and unified and didn’t approve of all religions, while the Ming was not religiously connected it still allowed different religions to be practiced. Spanish

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