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A way to enhance discussion about family life is to identify the ways that families achieve each of the internal functions. Besides the basic necessities such as shelter, water, warmth, and care; families may also provide internal and external functions such as socialization, intellectual development, recreation, accommodation, transmission, and emotional support. There are positive and negative communication patterns associated with each function, which will be further discussed.
Providing care is the basic internal function and a base for the definition of family according to the United States Government. Providing care can be achieved by providing food, shelter, clothing, and caretaking. Providing care does not require communication
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A positive communication pattern is reading to your child which increases their vocabulary and teaches them to expand their thoughts. Another positive communication pattern is speaking to a child in another language or correcting their grammar when they talk it will just prepare them later for school. A negative communication pattern is putting down education verbally in front of your child it will teach them that knowledge is not valuable, and can cause further developmental problems.
Recreation is another internal function of family that can be achieved through communication. Recreation can include such activities as playing sports, watching TV, reading the newspaper/books/magazines, playing games such as board games or video games. A positive communication pattern would be teaching you child the rules of the games and obeying all rules no matter who the rules are generated at. A negative communication pattern would be to change the rules depending on the person involved this teaches the child that rules can be changed and they need not be strictly adhered to.
     Emotional Support is the last internal function of family and probably one of the most important. The family should provide a sense of belonging, love, affection, acceptance, and inner resolve. A positive communication pattern would be praising a

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