Communication Strategies in the Clinical Setting Essay

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One of the most important aspects in the nursing profession is the need for good and effective communication. This is because good communication skills especially in the nurse-patient relationship have a significant impact on patient safety and recovery. Effective communication skills in the clinical setting are critical for the development of nurse-patient relationship and provision of health care information (Bruderle, 2003). Nurses usually exchange information with physicians, patients, colleagues and other people in the clinical setting. This communication is usually done through a variety of levels and ways, which determine whether it’s effective or not. Due to the importance of communication in the nursing profession and …show more content…
However, it’s important for nurses to also use non-verbal communication means especially when dealing with patients who have hearing difficulties. Moreover, nurses use the non-verbal clues like body language in general communication strategy to understand the patient more and communicate clearly.
Therapeutic Communication Strategy: This communication strategy purposeful, patient-centered and time limited since it formulates the context with which nurses provide care and assist patients to discover, decide, and adapt to health changes and problems. By being patient-focused, nurses may refer to the patient with his/her name in order to attract his/her attention and add personal touch. This enables nurses to boost the level of interaction, comfort, and establish a foundation for good rapport (Godbole, n.d.). In the therapeutic communication strategy, nurses use encouragement since its an essential factor in patient care.
Legal Implications of Documentation and Confidentiality in Nursing: Any electronically generated or written information regarding the care or service being provided to a patient in the clinical setting is known as documentation. In most cases, nursing documentation is considered as a precise explanation of what happened and when it occurred. This is because nurses use documentation to communicate their interpretations, conclusions, actions, and

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