Communication Icons: Emoticons Essay

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Since 1982, emoticons and smileys have gone from an adorable glyph to convey human emotions to a communication icon. Whether you are adept in using text emoticons and smileys or use computer generated emotion icons, these characters are a communication tool beloved by this technologically based society.

Virtually every country has its own set of descriptive emotion icons. Whether Mexican or Japanese, there are hundreds of delightful characters to express emotion and enhance the electronic written word.

The average person believes emoticons and smileys are the same thing. However, contrary to popular belief, they are not the same. An emoticon is actually a computer generated graphical image to convey human emotion. A smiley is
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While these delightful characters can enhance a message, it is best to exercise discretion to avoid over use.

Unfortunately, many people like to display their texting shrewdness by using obscure text smileys. For this very reason, there are several libraries of text smileys. People are forced to look up the meaning of these obscure text icons. Most people do not want to admit they do not understand the meaning. Today, there are hundreds of different text icons. Only a person obsessed with the use of text smileys masters this character language. Sadly, becoming a text icon expert does little for a person's social life or career. It may be a favorite past time for many people, however, it has little real world applications other than aggravating friends or family.

Emoticons are designed to be funny representations of human emotions. You can download free Emoticons for social media applications such as Facebook. In addition, most email providers have a set of emoticons that can be used for their platform. While these unique characters are a fantastic way to develop artful communication, they should only be used in personal communications. These delightful characters can enhance your writing by expressing tone and emotions.

These icons are particularly useful when discussing a sensitive issue through email. Many times the reader of the email may not sense the writer's tone. This can lead to confusion or hurt feelings.

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