Common Core; Emotions, Logic and the Right Choice Essay

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The basis for common core is simply that students across a state and even the nation will share the same core concepts of learning with every other student. Before common core, each individual state was learning different skills, but with common core, every student will be learning the same skills at the same grade level. This practice insures that every student receives the same quality of education. Pacing guides are put in place to insure that instructors are teaching at consistent paces. However, these pacing guides were not made to be followed too closely. Instead, a teacher should move at a comfortable pace for his or her students, making sure they fully understand the concepts and skills they are learning. These guides are also made …show more content…
This is what the new Common Core State Standards can bring to America. “Having the opportunity to learn is one of the most important predictors of student learning” (Larson 111). Before common core, countless children had never been given the opportunity to learn. This could be due to their family’s income level, location or even race. With common core, these problems will vanish. Children across America will share the same education and opportunities. Having a shared curriculum across the nation will also let children that move around a lot to not fall behind. Over eight thousand children drop out of school each day, and many of these kids come from poor schools or have moved around a lot. Creating an education that allows them to share the same qualities as those of a highly funded school will encourage these kids to stay in school. In a couple of years many of the kids in this very class will have children, do we want our kids growing up in a world where your location and income determines the quality of education they will receive? We want our kids to have a better life than we did, just like our parents wanted us to have a better life than they did, and the only way to ensure that their future is bright is to ensure that they receive the highest quality of education that we can provide for them.
For this paragraph I used the pathos appeal. To do this I changed the word “student” to the word

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