Commercialization of Organ Transplants Essay

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Commercialization of Organ Transplants Since organ transplants are an option that is considered a safe way that transfers organs from a living, or dead person, to a person in desperate need of an organ transplant. Because the demand for organ transplants outweighs the supply, there has been debate that questions medical ethics. Should organ donors be compensated? Review arguments for and against the sale of human organs. Make a decision that supports a position for, or against the sale of human organs. Defend your moral judgment with a moral argument. Describe the moral principle that you are appealing to in your moral judgment. Out of the possible normative theories, determine which one works with your conclusion.
Arguments for the
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There is also the possibility that the donor could be coerced into giving a donation, and not fully be informed of the risks that would be involved This process would only benefit people that are wealthy while the poor would be the potential donors taking all the risks. There is also the chance that a live organ donor could die, about 1 out of every 3000 transplants end in a donor’s death (Kishhore, 2004).
Position against Commercialization of Organ Transplants The position against the commercialization of organ transplants is the choice that I feel strongly against. The trade of human organs is morally wrong because the government would not be able to fully regulate this market. One of the main reasons that this ideal will not work, is because poor people will be exploited by selling their organs. Rich people would not have need to sell their organs, so the poor could possibly be taken advantage of when it comes to organ donation for profit. Because this market would not be able to be regulated, the rich would be able to purchase organs while the poor would have to suffer without being able to pay for organs. This free market system would almost force poor people to sell their organs, almost against their will just to make some easy money in order to provide for their families. This system would put an end to free organ donation, and have an adverse effect on society (World Press, 2013).
Defense of Moral Judgment with a Moral

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