Essay about Combatting Resistance to Organizational Change

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Effective organizational change requires an alteration in patterns of employee behavior (Spector, 2010). There are many reasons why stakeholders can be resistant to change including but not limited to; misunderstanding, self-interest, inability to adapt and disagreement with the change. It is management’s job to understand this resistance and effectively combat it. There are several tools that can be used to combat resistance to organizational change to increase the chances of effective organizational implementation. This paper will look at some of the essential tools and elements I would use to combat resistance to organizational change. In addition, I will discuss what elements I feel are essential in most situations and why. …show more content…
Tools such as a force field analysis which diagrams visually the forces that act for and against an impending change may help the employees understand and accept the changes being implemented. The force field analysis presents the company’s current situation and the situation as it will be once the change is implemented. It shows both the pros and the cons of implementing the decision (Tucker, 2007). This tool will help to reduce resistance by showing employees how change will impact them as well as involving them in the process.
Facilitating Support
Involving employees from the beginning of the change process will help to increase the commitment levels of those employees as well increasing the acceptance of change. Through continual communication and education, organizations can help employees understand the need for change as well as informing them of the status of change implementation. Organizations will also need to recognize that stakeholders will need continued support and feedback and be willing to accept feedback from them as well. The company should strive to facilitate support versus resistance from the employees by showing they have weighed the pros and cons of their decision, they recognize the hardship their employees will encounter and they are willing to help make the transition as smooth as possible (Tucker, 2007). As OD practitioners, managers need to offer continual support to effectively facilitate change.
Diagnostic Framework

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