Essay on Columbia River Basin

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Columbia River Basin

Section 1: Introducing the Columbia River Basin
What do you get when you put together a flowing river, with a beautiful mountain, and a rolling valley? The result is the amazing Columbia River Basin. The Columbia River is the sculptor that carved the Interior Columbia River Basin. The Columbia River Basin is made up of many different environments, and contains many different organisms. Mountains, high plateaus, desert basins, river valleys, rolling uplands, and deep gorges woven together by the Columbia River and its tributaries make up the whole Columbia River Basin.
People have been drawn to the big and beautiful Columbia River Basin for thousands of years. During the last century, natural resource-based
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These areas typically support some of the most biologically diverse habitats. Increased human populations often result in habitat loss, fragmentation, and degradation. A larger human population requires more land for housing and roads, more food, and generates more waste. Population density in Oregon ranges greatly and is shaped by distance to the river. In the areas east of the cascades some average fewer than three people per square mile. In contrast, the highest populations occur in the Portland metropolitan area, in Multnomah (1,424 people per square mile), Washington (427 people per square mile) and Clackamas counties.
Washington County and the Portland metropolitan area are nationally recognized as one of the most livable areas in the country. Located on the western edge of the City of Portland, Washington County is the second largest and fastest growing urban county in Oregon, with approximately 445,342 citizens. Focused residential and industrial growth has enabled the County to preserve more than 75% of its agricultural and forestlands. Washington County enjoys the benefits of a healthy urban and rural environment. Often referred to as the "Silicon Forest" for its continuing growth in the area of high technology, Washington County is home to electronics leaders such as Intel, Tektronix, and NEC, and is World Headquarters for Nike, Inc.
Multnomah County is the

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